Freedom challenge 2019

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TNT's fundraising heroes are doing the Freedom Challenge 2019 this year in support of raising funds towards TNT. This year Nigel Payne is doing the challenge with his brother, Adi Payne.
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This year Nigel Payne, and his brother Adi, will be taking on Freedom Challenge- a 2300 km mountain bike race from Pietermaritzburg to Paarl. They are undertaking this challenge for many reasons, one being to raise funds for Trojans Neurological Trust in aid of individuals with neurological injuries or diseases.

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Individuals undertake this intense mountain bike race for many reasons, for Nigel Payne those reasons are outlined below:

  • Confirming how great life is
  • Understanding the value of health and time
  • To remind himself how incredibly privileged he is
  • To go places few people will ever go and see things few will ever see - sunrises, sunsets, snow, mountains, forests and a wide variety of people getting on with their lives under vastly different circumstances
  • To return to his normal life and work with more wisdom, passion, focus and empathy.

These reasons have encouraged Nigel and Adi to undertake the longest and toughest mountain bike race in South Africa to raise R230,000 for Trojans Neurological Trust, R100 for every kilometer ridden. 100 individuals sponsoring R1 per kilometer would meet this goal, however any donation amount would be appreciated. They would like to assist the trust in purchasing a new Eksoskeleton, a robotic exoskeleton designed to assist individuals with spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries to stand and learn to walk again. TNT needs to raise a total of 1.5 million rand in order to purchase this piece of equipment and aid numerous individuals on their journey to recovery.

Sponsors will be able to track Nigel and Adi on

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” Hellen Keller

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