Stacey Farrell & Caitlin Tracey

Stacey Farrell & Caitlin Tracey

My name is Stacey Farrell; I was involved in a motor accident on the 12th of September 2013.  I dislocated my C6/C7 vertebras and was diagnosed an incomplete quadriplegic.

Today I am in my 3rd year studying to become a teacher and strive to live as normal life as possible.  I go to biokinetics twice a week, where Caitlin works with me to get stronger and fitter; we aim to help me find ways to live as normal life as I can.  I really enjoy my sessions with her and look forward to what we can achieve.

I am excited to be part of the TNT group for the 94.7 cycle challenge and being in the chariot.  I support this charity whole heartedly as I love to see people given a chance to better themselves and be inspired to not be pushed down, but to keep fighting.

Caitlin Tracey

I am Caitlin Tracey, and my passion is Neurological Rehabilitation, while my poison some would say is my commitment to endurance sport. I have been practicing within Justin Jeffery Biokineticists for 4 years and am privileged to say that I get the honour of conducting biokinetics rehab of many neurologically injured individuals. This allows me to see on a day-to-day basis what the need of these individuals’ is, and just how TNT assists them in their recovery journey.

I have pulled a TNT chariot for the past 2 years and am pulling again this year for the 3rd year, and many people ask me “How on earth do you manage to pull such a heavy weighted chariot with a patient in, for the full length of the Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge, not forgetting the mountains hills you must conquer before the finish?”. And I simply reply “Easy, when my legs burn and feel as though they could give in, I think to myself, ‘ The person you have in your chariot can not feel this burn let alone cycle a bike, and they would give just about anything to be able to ride a bike again’. And so I put my head down and pull for them”.

To be able to give someone the opportunity to take part in a race such as this when they thought they never could is incredible, as well as to raise funding for future rehab.


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