Siyabonga Sithebe & Byron Thomas

Siyabonga Sithebe & Byron Thomas

Siyabonga was injured in a mugging incident in 2009 at the age of 20. He was stabbed in the head and sustained a severe brain injury. For many months after the incident, he could not walk, talk, feed, or care for himself in any way. He eventually started showing signs of improvement when his mom noticed him nodding his head along with a song playing on the radio, almost a year after his injury.

Since then, through hours of therapy and his never ending gratitude and sheer determination, he has improved in leaps and bounds.

Siya now able to walk unassisted, feed himself and communicate easily, he is still improving all the time and often reaches new goals and achieves new personal bests. He is an absolute inspiration to those around him and always has a smile on his face, and a joke or a kind words to share.
He has been riding 94.7 as one of our charioteers for the past 3 years and is more and more excited for the big day with each year.
Byron Thomas

I rode for the TNT team for the first time last year and I was also lucky enough to be a charioteer. I was always intrigued by the awesome Lavazza kit and when I was finally introduced to the crew I came to the realization that the establishment I had the privilege of representing was one that would change my life forever. The training rides and comradery among the team always left me on a high, especially seeing the smiles and attitudes the ladies and gentlemen who sat buckled into those chariots cheering the team along throughout our rides. Last year I rode with Siya, the happiest and most uplifting guy that made me want to do my best no matter what because that’s exactly what he was doing. I’ve made lifelong friends through TNT and I’m extreme proud to represent this fantastic organization.

Left: Siyabonga Sithebe (In the chariot)
Right: Byron Thomas

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