Marc Kourie

Marc Kourie

My name is Marc Kourie. I’m just a normal guy who enjoys a lot of activity especially on the sporting side. I have always been involved in sport since a young age and in 2015 I began triathlons and cycling. I trained extremely hard, mainly focusing on doing the fastest time possible as we naturally would do. One day while training, I realized that triathlons and cycling is a very selfish sport and I am not a selfish person, so I turned to Justin Jeffery (founder of TNT) whom I am fortunate to know through my Uncle that is a patient of his of his amazing practice.

In 2016 I decided to use my strengths and talents in a different way and instead of just worrying about how fast I could do a race in, rather let me help and encourage those who aren’t able to cross a finish line themselves to achieve something they might never. So, I joined TNT and Justin through me straight in the deep end as a TNT Chariot Puller.

To cut a long story very short, my life was changed. I met a young man named Rory Whitecross who was my patient/person I was going to pull around the 94.7 in a chariot. My original thought was to just do 94.7 and I’d have done my good deed for the day. Little did I know that good old Roz would become my china and my racing partner. In July 2017 Roz and I made an attempt to finish Half Ironman in Durban together. Despite not crossing the finish line we had the most wonderful experience together and that was really what it was about more than just finishing.

In 2018 Roz and I will be back in full force at the Durban Half Ironman, to have a fantastic experience again as well as get our medals.
If I was to give any advice, I’d say join TNT and give it a try just once. You will absolutely love it and you just never know what kind of Impact it will have on your life.


Left: Marc Kourie

Middle: Rory’s Caregiver

Right: Rory Whitecross

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